Barn wood or reclaimed wood furniture is one of the most preferred choices by people today. Floating shelves are no exception to this rule. Many manufacturers all over the world have started making floating shelves from recycled wood as they are safe for the environment and exude a certain unique appeal, which is quite rare. These shelves go will all kinds of décor and they are also priced quite reasonably when compared to other models. Therefore, barn wood floating shelves enjoy a loyal customer base. Let us look at some of the benefits that we get by setting up these shelves:

The benefits of barn wood shelves

  1. Environmental safety

Barn wood or reclaimed wood shelves use recycled wood for manufacturing. Thus, you can be sure about not endangering the natural resources in any way. There is no need to cut any trees for this kind of furniture.

  1. Durability

Since wood that has already been used for years together is recycled for manufacturing barn wood floating shelves, the latter is very stable and durable. Investing in these kinds of shelves is quite worthy, because these shelves come for many years.

Reviews of some of the top-selling barn wood floating shelves

  1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Floating Shelf

This is one of the classy and simple models of reclaimed barn wood floating shelves in the market today. It has a smooth finish and can be mounted easily on the walls of your home. Though this is already quite durable, this shelf is coated with multiple layers of Shellac to make it more stable and stronger. This shelf enjoys a 4.3 star rating from its users.

This shelf is made from wood that was reclaimed from a NY barn that was built more than a century ago. It comes with all the required mounting hardware and a detailed manual. It can be fitted on any wall easily and is perfect for storing all kinds of collectibles.

  1. 18x4x2 Reclaimed Floating Wood Shelf, Pine, antique, keys, sunglasses

Made out of high-quality of reclaimed pine wood (more than 100 years old), this shelf is simple yet elegant and is perfect for holding your keys, sunglasses, pictures and other collectibles. The shelf is triple coated with commercial grade flat poly which adds to its durability and stability. This shelf has been given a 4.8 star rating by its users on Amazon.

The shelf comes along with nuts, fixtures, brackets and all other fittings that are required to mount it on the walls. The mounting process is very easy. This antique model of shelf makes your living space look absolutely classy and ravishing.

  1. BarnwoodUSA Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shelves Open Box

This is one of those shelves that provide the benefits of rustic and barn wood characteristics. It is a set of 3 square –shaped wooden floating shelves that can be hung in corresponding order of their sizes to store a variety of collectibles including pictures, handicrafts, memorabilia, flowers and more. This model enjoys a 4.4 star rating among its users.

In this set, the small shelf measures 8×8, medium shelf measures 10×10 and the large shelf measures 12×12, giving you excellent flexibility to store things of your choice. This is a perfect choice, when you flaunt your display to guests who come visiting you. Made of 100% reclaimed wood, this shelf is one of the most affordably priced models in this category.

  1. 24x6x2 High, Rustic, Floating Wood Shelf, Super Easy to hang

This floating shelf is made from 100% reclaimed wood. With the combined features and benefits of rustic wood, this shelf aims at improving the visual appeal of your living space by a great extent. This unit enjoys a 4.6 star rating from its users on Amazon, which speaks volumes about the quality, durability and performance of this shelf.

This shelf contains three layers of commercial poly coating, which not only adds more durability to this product, but also protects wood from being exposed to dirt, moisture, cracks and stains. Brown and mocha are the two colours available in this model. These shelves are absolutely easy to mount on the place of your choice.

  1. 48x8x2 Rustic, Floating Wood Shelf, Pine, Dishes, Books, Chunky, Industrial

Made out of a barn’s reclaimed lumber, this floating wood shelf is known for its durability. All features that are found in the previous models of reclaimed shelves like worm holes, cracks, knots and nail holes may or may not appear in the model that gets delivered to you. This shelf has been given a 4.7 star rating by its users on Amazon.

This shelf comes with all the mounting instructions and is very easy to install. All fixtures and fittings related to mounting form part of this package. It is given three layers of commercial poly coatings, which guarantees 100% protection for the wood, against all possible damages.