Floating corner shelves are the latest trend in the world, simply because they look modern, they offer a lot of space and they are practical. However, the latest models bring a lot of additional features that make each corner floating shelf unique and original. This fact makes each floating corner wall shelf a perfect choice for individuals and families who want to improve the décor of their home and make it better, in any way possible.

You should know that these shelves look simple, but they are complicated and they offer a lot of possibilities. In addition, you also should know a lot of things, before you choose the best one. All of this suggests that you are going to need a guide, in order to get the best corner floating shelf that will suit all your needs.

What makes glass corner shelves and ordinary floating corner shelves popular?

The main reason, why all glass corner shelves are the latest trend in the world is their design. They look modern and they will offer this feature no matter where you use them. Thanks to the modern design, they look amazing in classic and high end homes. In addition, they can also make ordinary homes look better than ever and they will add a professional decorative touch.

Another fact is related to the space they offer and provide. It is possible to mount them in areas that would normally be empty, but these shelves will provide additional storage space. This simple, but very useful feature is one of the most appreciated advantages these shelves have to offer. As the end result, the demand for these shelves is constantly increasing.

There are a lot of different versions of floating shelves, but those made from glass are the most popular ones, simply due to the aforementioned reasons and benefits.

Modern materials, low price and perfect for hi-tech devices

Floating corner shelves are made from modern and interesting materials. Even a wooden corner shelf will contain elements made from other materials, which have a positive effect on the design and the strength of a shelf. However, most of them are made from glass, which makes them look incredibly hi-tech and modern.

The price. Simply said, there are a lot of shelves of this type on the market and they are available in different price ranges. It is possible to find an amazing corner floating shelf for a low amount of money and it will still have a high quality. This has to be one of the most important and probably a unique features, related to these products.

It is a well-known fact that most people use game consoles, Blu-ray players, and similar equipment. This also means that they must store them somehow. Well, the shelves in question are again the best choice. They are perfectly designed for these devices and they can withstand a lot of weight.

The previous reason, why these shelves are in trend, is related to a cord management system. It allows you to connect all your devices and to use your equipment without having a lot of wires and cables across your home. The latest models come with an improved system that is easy to use, but extremely practical.

Easy to mount and durable

Floating corner shelves can be installed in a matter of seconds. Most manufacturers include all needed components in the packages, so the installation process is simple and it isn’t a time-consuming task. There is no need for hiring a professional because every person can do it without any help.

We already mentioned that these shelves are made from the latest materials and that they look interesting. However, this feature also makes them incredibly durable. In fact, most of them can last for decades and there won’t be any damages. This is a wise investment that has several positive effects.

Some products of this type come in a set. This means that there are several shelves, usually with different dimensions in a set. They are more practical than congenital floating shelves and they offer even more space. However the best models don’t occupy a lot of space, so they are a wise choice as well.

Benefits and advantages of floating corner shelves

Most advantages are well-known, due to the fact these shelves are extremely popular and their popularity is constantly growing. On the other side, if you are a beginner, in this case, you are going to need help. Simply said, you should know what makes floating corner shelves so special.

Ability to display any item

Every single shelf of this type has another advantage that no other product of this type has to offer. They allow you to proudly display anything you like and you will be able to impress your friends. For example, placing rare CDs on a shelf of this type will maximize effect and it will look more special than when it is placed in a cabinet or on the ordinary shelf.

No matter which type of this shelf you buy, you will be able to improve the look of your apartment and make it better. All shelves are based on the latest trends and the latest technology, so they are the best choice for modern homes. On the other side, wooden floating shelves will look amazing in any classic, home.

High level of elegance

Due to the fact these shelves are a perfect combination of elegance and a high quality they have one more advantage. Adding great materials makes these shelves almost indestructible and they can last for decades. Even when they are made from wood, they will last longer than any other product of this type.

More space for your TV and in general

With shelves of this type, you will have far more space and room for your belongings than ever before. They offer a lot of space if we compare them with ordinary shelves and they can be used for a variety of items. No matter what you want to store on them, you will use space in your home wisely.

Floating corner shelves for TV equipment have a positive effect on the entertainment you will have while you watch TV. This is possible, due to the fact these shelves let you focus on a TV and there won’t be anything around it. It is also possible to perfectly adjust the viewing angle and to make the desired layout.

They can be customized

Shelves of this type are simple and they can be built. However, it is a much better choice to adjust and customize them if you feel like doing so. The procedure is interesting due to the fact there are no rules, and you can do anything you want. Even without any experience at all, you will make an amazing end result.

The variety of sizes and dimensions make these shelves even better. It is possible to buy different models that come with different sizes, which is perfect if you live in a small or big home. Simply said, there is a shelf of this type for every single person. In addition, most manufacturers offer products with similar design, but in different sizes.

Perfect for books

Keeping your books within your reach is another benefit. Without these shelves, you must use big cabinets that will occupy the entire room in order to accommodate just a few books. With the shelves in question, you won’t have this issue. With them, storing your books never was easier.

Each corner floating shelf can withstand a lot of weight, despite the fact it has small dimensions and it looks fragile. In fact, some models can withstand up to 15 pounds of weight, which makes them perfect for any application you have in mind. The best fact is that they can hold that weight for a long period of time, without damages.

High stability

The most common issue with conventional shelves is the fact they are not very stable. In fact, some models have a severe problem with the stability. On the other side, the shelves in question are mounted to a wall, which makes them perfectly stable. Even better, they will stay stable no matter what you do with them.

Slim design

Slim design is the main feature of the latest products of this type. They look better than older versions, but they offer the same strength and the same amount of stability. Despite the fact they are made from glass or wood, these advantages are always present. This also has a positive effect on the level of quality.

Adjustable height

At the beginning, we mentioned that floating corner shelves are simple and complicated at the same time. This means that they look simple, but they come with the latest features. One of them is adjusting the height. It is very simple to do it and it makes any hanging corner shelf more practical, due to the fact it can be used for different items.

Simple mounting

Most manufacturers offer their products as DIY floating corner shelves because they can be installed by every single person. If you know that most, other shelves must be assembled by experts or you will need help.The benefit in question is more than just important and it should be mentioned.

Available in sets as well

Shelves that come in a set offer one benefit more. It is possible to arrange them in different ways and to create a unique composition. At any given moment, you can adjust them and make a completely another composition. Beside this is useful and practical, it has a positive effect on the décor of your home.

Adding a visual interest to a wall is another advantage that should be taken into account and it is completely unique to these shelves. In general, any wall will look much better and there won’t be that feeling of emptiness, like when there is no anything hanged on a wall.

Perfect for speakers

Every single corner floating shelf can be used for a speaker. Even better, you can choose a corresponding size of a shelf, which makes placing a speaker possible and simple. If you know that 90% of homeowners have speakers and they pay a lot of attention to them, this benefit is important to every single person, who has speakers in his home and he is looking for a perfect way to place them.

Homeowners who live in crowded apartments where they cannot get enough space for their belongings should use the shelves in question. They can help you free up the counter space and use your space on a completely new and wise way. These shelves finally allow you to get the most space from your home, no matter how big/small it is.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

It is a well-known fact that these shelves come in different sizes and dimensions, but they come in different shapes, colors and etc. Simply said, there are a lot of different models on the market, so the main question is, which shelf to choose. Luckily, we can help you. The best shelf is the one that has most or all of the features mentioned below.

Factor 1 – The quality

It isn’t a secret that the most important feature of each product is the quality. Products with higher quality are better, simply because they will last long and they look better. They also don’t have issues, nor any damages, which makes them the best choice.

Factor 2 – Materials

A material that has been used in the manufacturing process is something that can make any shelf great or not so good. It is also something that can make a product look better and more interesting. In addition, this feature is related to the aforementioned one, and it simply makes a product much better.

Factor 3 – Weight load

Even if you get the best corner floating shelf but the weight load it can withstand is low, you won’t get the best product. Keep in mind that some models can withstand more than 15 pounds and they are better choices. In general, the higher the weight load is, the better a shelf is, even if you will never use all of its potential.

Factor 4 – Adjustable height

This is one of the most advanced and the most important features of these shelves, simply because it can make each shelf a lot better. You will be able to use it for different items and things and their size won’t matter. Keep in mind that this feature is reserved for the best-selling models and it is closely connected to other features, such as quality and the design.

Factor 5 – Cord management system

If you are planning to use your shelf for high-tech devices, you are going to need this feature. It allows you to get a clean space and to keep all the cables in perfect order. Without this feature, cables will form a mess and it will be a real nightmare when you have to re-connect them. Luckily, for most products, this is a standard feature.

Factor 6 – Included mountings and fittings

It is already known that installing a shelf of this type is a simple job, but you must make sure that all elements, such as mountings and fittings are included in the package. This is an important fact and it will be a real nightmare if you have to look for additional elements for the installation.

Factor 7 – Instructions

Unless you are a professional, instructions must be a part of your package. They should tell you how to precisely mount your shelf and how to get the most from it. In addition, it will also tell you what is the weight load and capacity of your new shelf. Keep in mind that it is important that instructions are simple to read and understand.

Factor 8 – Rounded corners

This feature is more than just important if you have children! It makes any shelf of this type safer, due to the fact all sharp edges will be eliminated and a shelf will be rounded. An interesting fact is that there are a lot of models of this type you can have right now and most of them are very affordable.

Factor 9 – No visible hanging hardware

Individuals who like hardware won’t need this feature. Any other person will, simply because it makes floating corner shelves more elegant. It means that mounting hardware won’t be visible and it will look like a shelf is glued to a wall. For elegant homes, this feature is a must and it also makes a shelf look much better.

Factor 10 – Drawer

Still, it is a very rare feature having a drawer with your new, floating shelf. Each floating corner shelf with drawer will have large dimensions and it will occupy more space than ordinary shelves of this type. On the other side, it will offer more space as well. Simply said, these shelves are perfect for larger apartments and homes.

Factor 11 – Simple assembly

Besides mounting a shelf to a wall, some models require assembly. Pay attention to the complexity of this feature. The best models can be assembled in a matter of minutes and they don’t require special tools. This feature can be categorized as build floating corner shelves by yourself and it is mandatory if you don’t have experience with this type of assembling.

Factor 12 – Hand-made floating corner shelves

There is something special when it comes to products made by hand. In this case, they look more interesting and they are different than most models. In any case, this feature is an advantage that comes with a price. However, there are a lot of models that are hand-made, but they are extremely affordable.

Factor 13 – Finish

Every single corner floating shelf must come with an impressive finish. It is mandatory, simply because these shelves are designed to be elegant and they must look more expensive than they are. A great finish makes them look perfect and elegant at the same time. It is a great feature if you are planning to impress your friends.

Factor 14 – Set feature

If you are looking for floating corner shelves that offer even more capabilities, you should pay attention to one of many sets that are available on the market right now. These sets can help you improve the look and décor of your home and they are more practical than ordinary shelves of this type, due to the fact most of them offer 3 times more space. However, they can be easily stored, in order to occupy extremely little space in your home.

Our Picks

  1. WALI Floating Shelf with Strengthened Tempered Glass

This model is a large floating corner shelf that is made from high-quality glass. It looks amazing and it can withstand up to 17 pounds of weight. The main application is for placing equipment, so it also comes with a cord management system. In addition, this is the bestselling product of this type and it is extremely affordable.


  • Modern design
  • Strong
  • Elegant
  • Cord management system


  • Smaller dimensions
  • Price
  1. VonHaus by Designer Habitat 2x Black Floating Shelf

The VonHaus by Designer Habitat 2x Black Floating Shelf is available in black and gray color, but it can be bought with three shelves, which makes it an even better choice. It looks modern, it is affordable and it offers an impressive level of quality. This shelf will last for decades, due to the fact it has been made from aluminum and tempered glass.


  • Available in different colors
  • Available with different number of shelves
  • Durable


  • Deign may be an issue
  • A bit more complicated to assembly
  1. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

This model is the most popular wall or corner floating bookshelf on the market, simply due to the fact it can withstand up to 15 pounds of weight and it is available in different dimensions. It is also possible to choose between silver and white colors and both of them look perfect and amazing. Don’t forget that hanging elements are made from stainless steel.


  • A high wright load
  • Different colors
  • Mounting elements are made from stainless steel


  • Mounting is time-consuming
  • Hard to level
  1. Melannco Wood Square Shelves

This, corner wood shelf comes in a set of three units. They can be hanged on a wall or they can be left on the floor. In any case, they will make your home more functional and you will get more of additional space. The best parts of this set are the quality, the price (low) and the fact they look elegant.


  • Three units
  • Affordable
  • Elegance


  • Offer a small amount of space
  • Low weight load