Homemakers today are very keen on purchasing home products that not only enhance the beauty of their home but are also useful. Modern urban homes are less spacious (unless you are filthy rich to afford a grand mansion), which is why you need to select pieces of furniture that don’t cramp up your home.

Popular furniture manufacturers are introducing new products exclusively meant for compact and cute homes. These pieces are highly functional and at the same time, they create the illusion of space.

Welland is a well-known US brand that manufactures excellent products for kitchen and living areas. The interesting feature of this brand is that its products offer excellent quality and come at affordable prices, which as a matter of fact, is a rare combination. You can read customer reviews on sites like Amazon and eBay to know about the fantastic Welland products.

This review is about a top-selling home furniture piece from Welland – The Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf with 2 Drawers.

Available in Espresso brown color, this wall-mounted storage shelf is a great addition to your home.


This storage shelf is made from an environment-friendly material known as MDF. The product has a robust built and is very durable. The shelf can be installed within 20 minutes and has a neat installation; the screws and wires won’t be visible. The drawers are light to pull out, and it’s spacious enough to stash away a lot of stuff. The whole product has a paint finish and looks very cute.


This shelf can be used in the bathroom as storage for your toiletries and make-up essentials. You can hang a mirror over it and voila, you have a small dressing area. It can also be set in the living area for displaying showpieces and for storing important documents such as bills and mails. You can also mount it near your bed and use it in instead of a nightstand.


  • Color: Espresso
  • Product Dimensions – 25 x 5.8 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight – 7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight – 8.1 pounds

CUSTOMER REVIEWS – Most of the customers who brought this product are happy with its built, looks and efficiency. However, few of them have raised concern about the installation being complicated. Overall the product has received incredible reviews and is recommended as a must buy for small homes.

OUR VERDICT – The Welland Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf is a useful and stunning piece of storage furniture. It saves you space and helps your home look elegant. Even though the price is affordable, the design is beautiful and the built is superb. For around $60, this wall-mounted storage shelf is a must buy.


Online stores such as Amazon and eBay are a great place to shop for Welland Products. To get the best deal, compare prices before making a purchase, also look for online stores that offer free shipping.