In general, floating shelves are extremely popular nowadays. It is perfectly clear “why”. They are practical, they look nice and they are modern. Most homeowners who want to improve the décor of their home choose these shelves, simply due to the fact they can make any home look much better.

Besides a great design, floating shelves are practical. They are mounted on a space that would normally be empty, but they offer a lot of storage space and they can withstand a lot of weight. This simple addition makes them extremely popular among people who live in smaller apartments. On the other side, they are perfect for bigger homes as well, due to the fact they offer more space, which is great if you have a lot of items that need to be placed somewhere.

Glass floating shelves are the latest and the most modern version of this shelf type. According to a survey, they are the most common choice. Why? Simply because they offer all aforementioned features and they are extremely durable. If you are looking for an affordable way to make your home better, floating glass shelves must be in the first place.

Why are glass floating shelves so popular these days?

As mentioned above, glass floating shelves have a lot of advantages and they are different than most other products of this type. However, this is just one of many reasons why they are extremely popular. In fact, we noticed that the demand for this particular type of floating shelves is constantly increasing. Right now, they are the most popular type of shelves global wide.

One of many reasons why these shelves are the best and the most common choice is the quality. All of them are made from a special type of glass. The end result is extremely durable and strong construction that can withstand a lot of weight, and it is resistant to damages and similar issues.

Maybe floating glass shelves offer perfect design and they are durable, but they are affordable. Most models come at extremely low prices and they are perfect for people who are looking for a way to make their home better, on a budget. No matter which model and at what price you buy a shelf, the type of glass will be the one you want. Simply said, it won’t break, no matter what you do with a shelf.

These shelves look simple and basically they are made from a few components, but they offer advanced capabilities. One of them is height adjustment and it makes any shelf far more practical. This means that the shelves can be adjusted in order to accommodate larger or smaller items. If we know that this possibility is the standard advantage of most models, we can understand why glass floating shelves are a common choice.

Most shelves are designed or they look perfect for just one application. For example, conventional shelves are great for books, but adding TV and equipment is usually something that most owners avoid, simply because it won’t unique like a perfect composition. On the other side, these shelves can be used for almost anything, which is another reason why they are popular.

There are hundreds of models available on the market right now. All of them have interesting features and they look interesting. It is also possible to find any model you like, which suggests that every single person can get a shelf of this type that will look perfect in his apartment. Even better, the number of these products on the market is constantly increasing.

Benefits glass floating shelves have to offer

Elegant looks

The first and the most important benefit all shelves of this type will offer is the fact they will make your apartment look more elegant. This is a unique feature and it is a secret that some real-estate agents use. Simply said, every home will look more expensive and better with several of these shelves. Now you know how you can make your home more appealing to the potential buyers.

There is no point of mentioning that you will get more space than ever. Even if you live in an extremely small apartment, you will have enough space for all your belongings and you will have free space as well. Interior designers use corner shelves in 90% cases, so you can understand why they are popular and why they offer a lot of benefits.


Due to the fact they are made from glass that is durable and resistant, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the maintenance and cleaning of your new shelves. In fact, you can clean them in a matter of seconds, and all detergents can be used, simply due to the fact they cannot damage the surface.

Ease of assembly

Ordinary shelves require hours and hours of assembling. However, floating glass wall shelves can be assembled and mounted in a matter of minutes. This is possible even if you don’t have any experience. Another benefit is the fact they don’t require special tools, so every single person can assemble them. In addition, you don’t have to hire professional for this job.

Can be easily removed from a wall. Beside simple assembly, these shelves are also very simple to un-mount from a wall, when you must paint it. In fact, all you need is one screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. After that, your job is completed and you are free to paint your walls. We all know that ordinary shelves require a few people and a few hours in order to be dissembled.

While most manufacturers of furniture claim that they offer all components in the package, we know that there are higher chances you are going to need an additional element. A useful advantage with the shelves in question is the fact they come with all additions you are going to need.  Floating glass shelf brackets are small, durable and they are always included in the package. Thanks to this ability, you won’t have to spend time on looking for additional brackets and similar elements.

Most bathrooms have smaller dimensions, which makes them impossible for featuring large shelves. On the other side, most people have a lot of products that must be stored in a bathroom. The best solution are these shelves. They don’t use space that can be used by other items, but they offer a lot of storage space. Adding a few shelves of this type will maximize the effect.

Long period of use

Another benefit, when it comes to using these shelves in a bathroom is the fact they will last forever literally. Wooden shelves cannot withstand humidity and moisture in bathrooms, so they cannot last for a long period of time. However, glass floating shelves are made from glass and stainless steel. Both materials are completely resistant to the threats in question, so they won’t be damaged, not ever.

Factors to consider before buying

If you have decided to buy floating glass shelves well done. You will get all the aforementioned advantages and you will be able to use them for many years. As aforementioned, there are a lot of models on the market, but not all of them should be taken into consideration. In fact, some models are far better than the others, and they are the safest choice. Keep in mind that model that have all features mentioned below, are the best.

Factor 1 – The type of glass

This feature is mandatory and it is the most important one, simply due to the fact it defines the entire product. If the quality of the glass is high, then the entire shelf will last for many years and it will be capable of withstanding almost anything. This is the first thing that should be taken into account.

Most products come with tempered glass. This type of glass is well-known for the durability and impressive strength. On the other side, it doesn’t increase the weight of a shelf, so they are still lightweight, but they are practical and durable.

Factor 2 – Cord management system

If you are going to use your shelf for TV and similar pieces of equipment, you are going to need a cord management system. Luckily, this feature is present in most products of this type and it is very simple to use. Using these shelves for a TV, without this feature will make thing more complicated than ever.

The system in question comes with additional elements and it can be adjusted for several devices. Due to the fact most owners will use their shelves for some device, cord management system is an almost perfect addition.

Factor 3 – Weight load

Most people believe that glass floating shelves are fragile and they cannot withstand a lot of weight, but this is a mistake. In fact, most of these models are designed to withstand up to 17 pounds of weight, which makes them perfect for most items. Some models can withstand a bit lower amount of weight, so this parameter should be taken into consideration, and it should be determined by the type of items that will be placed on a shelf.

It may be an issue if you get an amazing shelf of this type that cannot withstand the load you prefer. In that case, it is recommended to choose another model. Even when you assembly and use your new shelf, make sure you never place heavier items on it. It will be damaged and in some cases, it may damage your wall.

Factor 4 – The strength of included components in the package

This feature isn’t very important if you are looking for glass wall shelves for the living room. On the other side, if you are looking a shelf for a bathroom, it is extremely important. The main reason why is the fact that some elements may be sensitive to moisture and humidity, and they will be damaged after some time. Make sure they are made from stainless steel or similar materials.

Factor 5 – The finish

No matter which type of a shelf you are looking for, the finish must be on the highest level. It can make a difference and it can make the entire product look much better and more expensive than it actually is. This feature is especially important for white glass floating shelves because each damage or irregularity will be visible. A great addition is the fact that most products of this type come with a great quality.

A great addition, in this case, is the fact these shelves always come with a great finish. Even if their price is low and they are more than just affordable, the finish will be on the highest level. This feature is unique to products of this type, simply because all of them have been designed to look elegant and professional.

Factor 6 – Safety

All shelves of this type look amazing, but some of them may be problematic if you have children. After all, they have rough edges that may cause injuries and they are dangerous. If you have a child, choose a floating shelves glass rounded design. It is far safer, but it doesn’t have a negative effect on the practicality nor the quality.

Factor 7 – Thickness of the glass

Another, feature that should be taken into consideration is the thickness of the glass. In general, thicker glass can withstand more weight and it is more durable. However, these shelves are a bit heavier and they will require a bit different mounting process. In any other case, they are similar to other models and there won’t be any issues with them.

Factor 8 – The design that matches

When you choose your new shelf of this type, there are no rules, so this feature is hard to define. It means that a shelf you have chosen has a look and design that matches to your home. If you want something original, you can get that effect to our home. Simply said, you should listen to your instinct, if you don’t care about the composition of your home or you should get a shelf that will look similar to other items in your home, if you want to have a balanced design.

Factor 9 – Dimensions

Dimensions of floating glass shelves are extremely important, simply due to the fact it determines the practicality a shelf offers. Bigger shelves are more practical, but they occupy more space. On the other side, the situation is completely opposite with smaller shelves. In general, you should be looking for a shelf that will blend in your home and it will offer practicality, without sacrificing the space.

This feature is related to the weight. Although a weight is almost irrelevant, it should be taken into account if you have a child. It also means that the material the manufacturer used are better and stronger if a weight is higher. This is more if a trick than an actual feature, but it is important and it may be something that can help you get the best shelf of this type.

Our Picks

  1. Fitueyes Audio-Visual Wall Mounted 2 Layer Shelves

The black glass floating shelf in question is extremely popular nowadays and it offers an impressive level of quality and it looks modern. The glass, used in the manufacturing process is tempered and it is very strong. In addition, this model comes with the latest cord management system and it is one of the most functional products of this type.

  1. WALI Floating Shelf with Strengthened Tempered Glass

This model is available in different versions, with 1, 2 or 3 shelves. All versions have the same level of quality and they look impressive. In addition, they are well-made and the main purpose is for TV and similar equipment. Keep in mind that this is also one of the most affordable products of this type and it will look perfectly in any home.

  1. Jeronic Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

This shelf comes with extremely hard and durable glass, which may be the best feature of it. It also comes with the latest, additional features and it is more affordable than similar models. On the other side, it can withstand up to 17 pounds of weight, so it is practical as well.

  1. John Sterling KT-0134-624SN Glass

The John Sterling KT-0134-624SN Glass is one of the most popular floating glass shelves for bathroom. It is very simple and easy to mount it and all components are durable and resistant to conditions that are a common thing in a bathroom. It is safe as well.

  1. John Sterling KT-0134-618ZSN Wave Glass

This is one of the most original floating glass shelves, you can buy right now. This is one of many reasons why it is so popular at this moment. The main reason, besides the design, is the strength and the practicality of it. It is expected that this becomes the best-selling product of this type, anytime soon. On the other side, the price is more than just affordable, so this model is a wise investment as well.