Floating shelves have become a common piece of furniture in homes and offices. They save space, provide storage and look beautiful. Floating shelves can be used as an accessory stand in the bathrooms and bedrooms; you can also use it for displaying beautiful pieces of art or portraits in your living rooms. Some homemakers also use the floating shelves in the kitchen to stack the cutleries and plates beautifully.

There are several types of materials used for making floating shelves and the most popular ones are wood and glass. Wood is the most costly material, but it is very durable and looks great. The reclaimed wood floating shelves are a rising trend in the modern furniture category. Reclaimed wood is the timber derived from old and useless pieces of furniture. It is treated and then used for making an entirely new furniture, and you could say that reclaimed wood is like recycled wood.


  1. Reclaimed wood floating shelves have a unique design and pattern since it is made from different types of wood.
  2. It has significant benefits for the environment. When you use reclaimed wood, there will be a decrease in the need for cutting down more trees. So when you buy a reclaimed wood floating shelf you are doing something good for the environment.
  3. You can opt for a reclaimed wood from a mature tree. Pieces of furniture made from matured trees are stronger and are less prone to splitting. So you will end up with a floating shelf that lasts for a long time.


There are different types of reclaimed wood floating shelves available in the market. To help you with making a quick purchase here is a list of some of the best-reclaimed wood floating shelves –

  1. BarnwoodUSA Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shelves Open Box

This product is made in the USA and comes with three floating shelf boxes with the dimensions – 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12. These boxes have beautiful rustic designs patterned with unique knots and lined with nail holes. It has an antique look and is an excellent choice if you have a rustic or Morrocan themed interior design. The three shelves are made entirely from reclaimed wood, and so it has a sturdy built and is very durable. You can place vases, frames, mementos and all types of decor items on these shelves. The shelves come with all the pieces of hardware required to install them. Each shelf is 3.5 inches deep and is easy to set. Use your creativity and hang them in attractive ways. These boxes are a valuable addition to your home, workplace or hotels. This floating box shelve can be purchased for around $35. Although it is a little expensive, it offers a wonderful value for every buck.

  1. The 24″ Wide X 6″ Deep X 2″ High, Reclaimed Floating Wood Shelf by Joel’s Antiques & Reclaimed Decor

These floating shelves from Joel’s Antiques are manufactured from sturdy reclaimed wood. It looks great on the walls and is easy to install. It comes with the hardware, and the brackets get hidden behind the shelf. The instructions are crystal clear, and you need to make only two screw holes on the walls to hang the shelf. You can purchase multiple shelves and arrange them vertically to make it more elegant. However, all the shelves don’t have the same design and vary since it is made from 100 percent reclaimed wood. Some have fewer stains whereas you will find more stains on other pieces. This means you cannot rely on the picture displayed on the page when you make a purchase. Contact the seller and communicate your preference and then make the purchase. You can buy this shelf for around $55.

  1. Long Reclaimed Wood Shelf Set – 3 Shelves by Gokojo

These handmade floating shelves are offered in three finishes such as Slate, Provincial, and Ebony. These do not include any brackets or hardware for installation, so you will need to purchase them separately. The weight capacity of these shelves is over 100lbs, but the loading capacity also depends on the type of bracket used for mounting it and its mounting style. The dimensions – (2) 24″ x 6″ – (1) 36″ x 6″. We love these floating shelves, but the biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with any hardware, and the installation is also difficult if you want them to float. The price for these shelves are also very high, and you will have to spend around $85 for these three shelves.

  1. BarnwoodUSA Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Shelf – 100% Reclaimed Wood Shelves (Weathered Gray)

Barnwood USA offers excellent reclaimed wood floating shelves. This product is also made in the USA and has the finest quality. It is strong and can hold a weight of 40lbs. Can hold approximately 40 lbs. The exterior dimensions are 26L x 7 1/2H x 9W” and the interior dimensions are 22 3/4 L x 7 W”.  These shelves also come with installation hardware that can be concealed. The product comes bubbled wrapped which protects the shelves from getting damaged. The designs and patterns are beautiful; you can purchase this shelf for around $50.

  1. Reclaimed wood floating shelves – set of 2 by (del)Hutson Designs

These floating shelves weigh 9.9 pounds together and are a great value for money. These two shelves from Huston Designs are available for a price of about $80 which is an attractive deal for a set of 2 floating wood shelves. The dimensions of the shelf are – 7″ x 24″ x 7″ (height x width x depth). The floating shelves come with pre-drilled holes making it quite convenient for installation. If you want to save money on spectacular pieces of floating shelves, this is the best deal. Hutson Designs is a popular furniture brand and offers different types of furniture pieces in the market. These floating shelves are manufactured from the genuine reclaimed wood and are a stunning buy.

  1. Reclaimed wood floating shelf with hidden compartment by Shelton Woodworks

This amazing reclaimed wood floating shelf comes with a secret compartment with the dimensions – L: 14 inches W: 7 ½ inches. The measurements of the floating shelf are L: 17 inches W: 9 inches H: 4 inches. This floating shelf has been handcrafted from Pine wood. It has a stunning dark cherry color stain and has a great workmanship. To make it smooth and durable, the shelf has been given a polyurethane finish. This shelf as a rustic appeal and can be a perfect addition in any of the rooms such as the living room, kitchen, etc. The biggest advantage of this shelf is that it provides a surface for display and stacking items and also offers a hidden space for storing your valuables. You can use this space to hold your important documents, keys, etc. The floating shelf comes with wooden brackets that hold the shelf firmly. The shelf slides over the bracket. Customizing the size and color are other options available while purchasing this product. You can purchase this immensely helpful product for about $75.

  1. Reclaimed, Wood Shelf, Pine, 48″ x 10″ x 1″ provided with Brackets, Antique, Vintage, Gnarly by Joel’s Antiques

This is a very simple design and has an elegant finish. The prominent feature of this floating shelf is that it has been made from barn roof wood that is over 100 years old. These come with brackets and are very easy to mount on the walls. You can use this shelf to display decoration items or portraits. The shelf has a rugged appeal, but all the pieces won’t look the same; the designs and patterns will vary with each piece.

You can use them to hold your speakers, or you can make them the centerpiece of your room with creative arrangements and by placing stunning artworks on them. The prices are slightly high for this shelf; you will have to spend around $75. But this floating shelf offers great value for money since it looks beautiful and is very strong and durable.

  1. 18″ wide x 4″ deep x 2″ high, Reclaimed Floating Wood Shelf, Pine, Antique, Keys, Sunglasses by Joel’s Antiques

This article has numerous floating shelf designs from Joel’s Antiques. They are a reliable brand, and you can be sure of the quality of the floating shelves. This floating shelf is crafted from reclaimed wood that is over 100 years old. These shelves have three coatings of polyurethane which keeps the shelves looking smooth and elegant. The shelf also includes all the necessary hardware required for mounting such as the brackets and the screws. The instructions manual is also clear and straightforward; you can install it within 15 mins.  This is a small and thin shelf which is perfect for holding smaller items such as your sunglasses, keys, etc. You can own this shelf from Joel Antiques for about $40.

  1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Floating Shelf – 24″ x 8″ x 3″ by Barnwood Designs Heavy Duty Floating Shelf

Another interesting floating shelf from Barnwood designs! The wood used for this floating shelf is derived from a 120 years old barn that was once located in Central NY. This shelf is painted with multiple shellac coats. This enhances the beauty and durability of the floating shelf. It offers good surface area and has a strong built so that you can place even the heavier items on them. This floating shelf comes with all the necessary hardware which remain hidden once the shelf is mounted. All you will require is a screw driver and maybe a level for perfect alignment. You can purchase this shelf for around $55.

  1. 24″ W X 6″ D X 2″ H, Rustic, Floating Wood Shelf, Solid Pine, Wooden, Shelves, White Wash, Chunky, Good For Small Items by Joel’s Antiques

This is a rather small floating shelf which is apt for holding small items. It is built out of solid pine wood and has been whitewashed, but the patterns and designs are visible in the white wash. These floating shelves also have a round saw cut on all sides, and it has also been coated three times with polyurethane. The installation is simple, and the hardware gets hidden behind the shelf. It looks good on dark backgrounds; a wonderful shelf suitable for all the rooms in your home. You can get this shelf for around $55. The built is strong and sturdy and lasts for a long time which is why it is a great buy.

  1. 24″ W X 7″ D X 3″ H, Rustic Floating Wood Shelf, Pine, Wooden, shelves, Industrial by Joel’s Antiques & Reclaimed Decor

The final piece of floating shelf that we recommend! This floating shelf from Joel’s Antique has the traditional patterns and designs found in reclaimed wood. It is made in Wisconsin and is 100 percent reclaimed wood. The craftsmanship and quality are impeccable. It has three polyurethane coats which give it a classy finish. Since the floating shelf is made from pine wood, you don’t have to think twice about the toughness of the floating shelf. You can use this as a mantelpiece and decorate it with pretty display-items. This floating shelf has received numerous positive reviews and is recommended highly on different sites. This floating shelf will cost you around $65.


Reclaimed Floating shelves are gaining popularity because when we purchase reclaimed furniture we are preserving our natural resources. You will find them in most of the reputed furniture retail stores. But I would prefer an online store like Amazon to purchase floating shelves because it is the most convenient way. You can stay in the comfort of your home and browse through the different types of floating shelves, compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. The piece will be shipped to your doorstep, and all you need to do is install them into the wall. The only word of caution is to make a purchase from reputed online retailers. Also, look for discounts, free shipping options and make sure they have a return policy.