Rustic is one of the much-repeated words in the world of interior décor today. How many times have you heard the shopkeeper asking you if you prefer rustic designs for your floating shelves? Have you ever wondered what rustic furniture is all about and why there is so much hype around it? If yes, you are not alone. There are many others in the world today, who are equally clueless about rustic styles of furniture. This buyer’s guide aims to shed some light into this concept, why rustic furniture is good for you and reviews of some of the top selling rustic shelves in the market today.

Rustic shelves – An overview

The term rustic shelves denotes shelves that are made out of natural twigs, sticks, branches of trees, logs, etc. to create a natural look for the furniture. In short, floating shelves that are made of these natural elements with very minimalistic designs/carvings are termed as rustic models. What is special about them? The naturally-flowing rugged style of this kind of furniture attracts people to a large extent, because wood and other elements that are used here is 100% natural and do not undergo any processing or polishing. Yes, they may be moulded and bent to create different shapes; however, even then only natural elements are used. Handcrafted patterns add beauty to these furniture pieces.

One of the major reasons as to why these rustic shelves are a huge hit among the general public is that they are made from materials that can be reused/recycled. In an era where environmental awareness is on the high, this point works hugely in favour these shelves. Cedar and mountain laurel branches are widely used in making these shelves in the western countries. Rustic furniture is reasonably priced as it has natural ingredients. Hence, it is a worthy investment, as it provides to be a huge plus for the ambience, beauty, aura and visual appeal of your room’s interior décor. Floating shelves made of rustic items like wood are absolutely classy and highly durable.

Like other floating shelves, these rustic models can be easily mounted on the walls in a compact manner. You will not be able to see any fixtures, brackets or screws once you install these shelves in your room. Thus you can save a lot of space and make your rooms look neat and tidy. These shelves are great for storing pictures, antique collectibles, nostalgic memorabilia, flower vases, music CD collections and much more. So why are rustic shelves important for your room? Read on to know more:

Advantages of using rustic floating shelves

Reasonable price – Wood that is not processed or carved is quite cheap. With its minimalistic designs and unprocessed wood design, these rustic floating shelves are quite easy on your purse.

Great performance – Rustic wood is known for its durability. You will find that your shelves are in perfect condition many years after you have bought them, because such is the potential of wood. However, you need to take care of it properly by cleaning them regularly and wiping off all traces of dust.

Visual Appeal – Once you mount a rustic floating shelf in your room, you will find an instant change in the visual appeal of your place. These shelves are very compact and make your rooms look neater than ever before. With their classy styles, they can be used for variety of purposes and can be installed without any hassles.

Construction involved in rustic floating shelves

Like all other rustic pieces of furniture, there are two main processes of construction involved in floating shelves as well. They are bentwood and twig work. Bentwood, as the name suggests, is the process where natural wood is either plucked when it is fresh or treated to a long steam treatment to make it soft. Once wood becomes soft, it is then bent to make different designs as per the requirements of customers.

Twig work is the process where twigs (all kinds and shapes of sticks) are employed together to make a particular design. So the rustic floating shelves that you see in the store could have possible undergone one of these or both these processes to become the beauty that ultimately attracts you.

Reviews of some of the recommended brands of rustic floating shelves

  1. 30x6x2 Rustic Floating Wood Shelf, Pine, Antique, Super Easy to Mount, Spice Rack

Made out of antique and rustic wood that is over a hundred years old, this floating shelf is a classy piece which comes with easy mounting features. You can mount it anywhere in your house and enjoy improved beauty and aura in the space around you. This set comes with clearly- worded instructions on installation and other processes. This wood shelf has been given 4.6 star rating by its users.

The colour of the wood is quite natural and distressed, which adds to the rustic feel of this shelf. You can add as many shelves as you want to store your collectibles. Though the wood used in this shelf is quite heavy, it fits very neatly into your walls, thereby helping you to save lots of space.

  1. Floating Distressed Brown Stained Handmade Mantle Shelf

This handmade floating shelf is truly magical and apt for people who love the natural smell of wood. Made from fresh wood of the Cedar tree, this shelf has very minimalistic designs on it and can suit the decors in any part of your house. This shelf has been given 4.5 stars on Amazon.

The highlight of this shelf is its distressed brown-cum-fresh cedar shades. This shelf can be customised as per your requirements as it is a handmade model, giving you ultimate flexibility to use it however you like. No toxic chemicals are used for manufacturing this shelf; therefore it is great for the overall ambience of your house.

  1. Rustic wood floating shelf with hidden compartment

If you want a floating shelf for your house that is made of natural wood and if you want that model to have some hidden space to store your belongings, this is the apt model for you. Though this shelf is rather expensive compared to the competition, it is worth every penny invested because it is one of the most classy rustic models available in the market today.

This shelf is personally hand crafted from the finest quality of pine wood and is coated with a layer of polyurethane, which provides incredible durability to this shelf. This unit can be custom –made to suit your requirements and comes with a detailed manual & mounting hardware. With all brackets and fixtures nicely concealed in your walls, this shelf is an epitome of beauty.

  1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Floating Shelf -24x8x3

If you are particular about using a reclaimed, rustic wood floating shelf that is quite thick and guarantees you exemplary performance for many years, this is the apt choice for you. This shelf is handcrafted from a barn’s lumber taken over more than a century ago. This shelf enjoys a generous 4.3 star rating from its buyers.

This classy wood floating shelf can suit all kinds of décor and comes with easy mounting features. Several layers of Shellac are coated over the shelf to ensure that it stays stable for hundreds of years. Since this belongs to a reclaimed wood type, it is safe for the environment as well. This wood shelf comes in a variety of colours, based on the stain given. However, the natural finish is one of the most-preferred in this category.

  1. Large Rustic Weathered Oak Laminate Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Weathered oak is known for its rustic appeal. Made out this material, this shelf is the perfect choice if you are hanging in a corner of your room. This shelf comes in various tiers and is therefore suitable for storing many collectibles. This shelf is one of the big hits among its users, who have rated it 4.3 stars on Amazon.

This shelf, with its detailed manual and easy to understand instructions is an absolute breeze to mount on your walls. You can store your pictures and other memorabilia in these shelves and flaunt your style to your guests. This is a very creative shelf and is quite trendy in appearance, making it one of the largest selling models in this category.

  1. White Rustic Bathroom Wood Wall Shelf with metal rail

As the name indicates, this is a multi-purpose wood floating shelf that can be used in your bathroom to store basic toiletries. This shelf also comes with a metal rail beneath it, which you can use for hanging your clothes or towels. This shelf is given 4.1 stars on Amazon by its loyal users, mainly due to its durability and user-friendly features.

Though it doesn’t look as rustic as the previous models, it still does a fantastic job in improving the visual appeal of your bathrooms. Now, you don’t have to crowd your bathrooms with soaps and shampoos all over. With this sleek model that fits compactly in your walls, you can save a lot of space and still store all that your products.

  1. Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shelves Open Box

This is a set that contains 3 wooden square shaped shelves made from 100% reclaimed wood. The small shelf measures 8×8, medium shelf measures 10×10 and the large shelf measures 12×12. This shelf received a 4.4 star rating from its users. This is a multi-purpose shelf, which means you can use it for storing pictures, antique items, flowers, awards and everything else that is worth flaunting.

One of the major reasons as to why this model is loved by its users is because it is very stable and performs with the same effectiveness for many years. This set comes with the necessary mounting hardware and can be mounted on the walls of your home within minutes. When you mount this shelf in your home, it brings a rustic charm to the entire space, making it look heavenly.

  1. Benzara Rustic and Timeless Wood Wall Shelf

This is one of those classy, rustic wood floating shelf that you have always dreamt of mounting in your living room. When your guests walk into your home, they get carried away by the antique-feel that this piece emanates. As per its name, it is truly a timeless piece that will become your prized possession. This shelf is rated 4.3 stars by its users.

Due to its rustic and antique nature, this is a very sturdy shelf and comes for many years. It requires very minimal maintenance, as it is not prone to moisture or dust accumulation. This shelf comes in a natural brown colour with white wash finishing, which adds to the rustic appeal of this piece.

  1. Wall Shelf Weathered Rustic Look with French Country Moulding Design (Grey Stained)

If you thought rustic floating shelves with a vintage appeal would cost you a bomb, you will be probably be blown away by this model. For a relatively low price, this is an amazing floating shelf with a grey stain. Most of the furniture sets made in French Country design have that royal vintage look in them and this piece is no exception to this rule.

This design almost resembles a U-shaped design; therefore, it is fit for holding books and music CDS. Apart from this, you can also store pictures and other collectibles in these shelves. With easy-mounting features and great aesthetics, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this shelf adds oodles of positive energy and beauty to your home.

  1. Floating Wall Shelves Wood – Rustic Picture Ledge Shelf Black

Made from high-quality of pine wood, this is one of the classy and cost-effective rustic floating shelf models in the market today. Regardless of its low price, this shelf lasts for years together, because it is highly durable. It is coated with an additional layer of Polycrylic, which helps the pine wood to stay safe from damages from dust, scratches and other stains.

This shelf comes with all the necessary screws and nuts and is very easy to mount, because there is a detailed instruction manual that comes along with this set. It takes just ten minutes to mount this shelf on your walls. With ebony wood stains as finishing, these shelves are highly stylish as well.