It isn’t a secret that floating shelves are the most common choice, of most people. There are a lot of reasons why these shelves are popular, but the most common ones are related to design and the functionality. In addition, most of these shelves offer unique features, so they are perfect for every single person.

Another reason is related to the variety of these shelves. They come in hundreds of shapes, dimensions and with different capabilities. In general, this means that you are going to take into consideration one or many of these shelves at some point. In addition, there are new models available right now that are very popular as well.

Walnut floating shelves are one of the most popular types of these shelves at this moment. More and more homeowners choose them, simply due to the fact they offer a lot of advantages and they look better than ever.

However, there are a lot of facts you should know, so you need help if you want to get the best shelf of this type. Luckily, this guide has been developed for you and for your goal, to get the best shelf of this type. At the same time, you will get a product that will last for decades.

Why walnut floating shelves are the latest trend?

Although, there are a lot of different types of the shelves in question, the walnut floating shelves are one of the most popular ones. They look simple, modern and they are durable. On the other side, they offer certain advantages, compared to other shelves of this type, so they are slightly more popular than other versions.

These shelves can be used in all homes, thanks to their design and their finish. This is the rare ability and it is more than just needed. No matter is your home high-end or it looks classic, most walnut floating shelves will fit perfectly. In addition, all you need to do is to get the best model, you like the most.

Most walnut floating shelves have an interesting and completely original design, which makes them perfect for people who want to have something original in their home. In general, most floating shelves have this advantage, compared to other shelves on the market.

Advantages and benefits you get

All walnut floating shelves are made from durable materials, which means that they can last for a long time and they will look like new, no matter for what application you use them. During that time, you will have more space than ever, but your apartment won’t look overcrowded.

Walnut floating shelves have a unique feature that allows you to use them in homes where wood is the main material. For example, if your home is full of wooden objects, these shelves will fit perfectly. Keep in mind that using other types won’t give you the unique and matched décor.

In addition, these shelves look modern and classic at the same time. This feature allows you to use them in any room and for any purpose, you have in mind. You also should know that they will look amazing no matter what type of elegance your home has. Making a home looking even more elegant is possible, thanks to the finish of these shelves.

If you don’t like to assembly new product, these shelves are still the best choice for you. They are pre-assembled, which means that your only job will be to mount them on the desired place. It will take you just a few minutes and the end effect will be amazing.

Some floating shelves on the market may be fragile, and they look fragile. However, this isn’t the situation with floating shelves with walnut finish. They are heavy duty products and they look strong. It isn’t a secret that they can withstand a lot of weight and that they are resistant to possible damages and etc.

Factors to consider before buying

Some walnut floating shelves are better than the others, so they should be a priority. This means that they have more features and they are better in general. Keep in mind that you should pay attention to the features mentioned below, in order to get the best product of this type.

Factor 1 – Material

The situation is simple when it comes to floating shelves of other types. For example, glass shelves are made from glass which makes choosing them very simple. On the other side, this type of shelves is more complicated than that and you must pay more attention to the material than with other shelves from this category.

Most models are made from actual wood which is great, but they also come at a high price. There is no point of saying that they are extremely durable. In addition, there are a lot of more affordable models that come with wood finish. They are a great choice as well.

Factor 2  – Weight load

Weight load is mandatory feature and the ability for all floating shelves, simply because they are mounted on a wall. In this case, the feature in question is slightly more important. Floating walnut shelves usually have a bit higher weight than other models, so they can withstand a bit lower weight load.

This feature is unique and different for each model, so it cannot be generalized. However, the higher the weight load is, the better the shelf would be. It is highly recommended to pay attention to this fact when you are buying your new shelf.

Factor 3 – Design

If you are planning to match the shelf you plan to buy, the design of it is a mandatory feature. On the other side, if you are just looking for a great shelf of this type, this feature isn’t important. You can get any model you like and chances are high that it will look perfect in your home.

On the other side, choosing a shelf of this type that looks the same as other elements in your home will maximize the effect and have a positive effect on the décor as well.

Factor 4 – Included hardware

As aforementioned, solid walnut floating shelves are slightly heavier than other shelves of this type. It also means that they must have different elements and pieces of hardware, in order to be mounted on a wall. Make sure you get all the hardware included in the package, simply because looking for these elements may be an issue.

Most manufacturers include all components that you will need for the mounting process. Your only concern is that all elements offer a high-quality, especially after some time. This is mandatory and very important due to the fact these, small elements will hold your shelf on a wall.

Factor 5 – Practicality

Despite the fact there are lots of different models, not all of them offer the same level of practicality. Some of them are extremely practical and they offer more space than you can imagine, while others are not very spacious. This feature is mandatory due to the fact it allows you to get the most storage space.

Most walnut floating shelves offer classical design, which is an advantage when it comes to the storage space, but there are some models where design is advanced and futuristic. No matter how great they look, they offer less space than conventional models.

Factor 6 – Pre-assembled or not

Floating walnut shelves look great and they are an amazing choice because they are complicated. However, some models are more complicated than the others. Complicated means that they include a lot of elements. This relates to the assembly process.

If you don’t have experience, choosing a pre-assemble model is the best choice. But, if you like doing this, there are lot of models on the market that must be assembled. Another fact you should know is that not all models require the same type of assembly. Some are more complicated than the others.

Our Picks

  1. Set of 3 Floating U Shelves in Walnut Finish

This model is extremely popular at this moment, simply because it offers a lot of space, it looks amazing and this is an actual set. All of this allows you to get more space for your photos or anything you like than ever. The mounting process is simple as well, and thanks to the design this model will fit perfectly anywhere.

  1. Geometric Black Walnut Floating Shelf

The shelf in question offers one of a unique designs on the planet. It is the best choice if you want to have something original that can place an accent on your items. It is practical as well, compared to the dimensions of it. On the other side, it is durable and all facts about it are amazing.

  1. Standard Floating Shelf Walnut Stain

One of the most practical walnut floating shelves, you can get at this moment is the model in question. It is the simplest as well, but it offers more space than any other versions on the market. Besides all of this, it is well-known for a high amount of weight load it can withstand.