Interior décor has undergone a sea of changes in the recent past. Today, lots of people are looking for compact and sleek designs for their homes that occupy as little space as possible. One of the designs that look absolutely stylish is floating shelves. Though there are many kinds of these shelves available in the market today, the ones made from wood deserve a special mention because they exhibit sheer elegance. In this article, let us see few types of wood floating shelves, their advantages and reviews of some of the best-selling shelves in this category.


Floating shelves are the ones that slide nicely on the walls of your home, thereby making your home look simple, stylish and elegant at the same time. The best part of these shelves is that it can be constructed in small rooms as well, as they don’t occupy a lot of space. In the conventional model, the screws of these shelves and brackets of these shelves are visible externally. However, in floating shelves, these brackets are constructed internally with high-class and durable materials. The screws are not visible at all, when you look at your shelves. They look like they are just sticking on to the walls, giving your house an elegant look.

Types of wood floating shelves

When you go shopping for wood floating shelves you will find that you are presented with a sea of options before you. Apart from types like pine and teak that you might be aware of, you will find shelves made from other varieties of wood like natural, solid, raw, unfinished, light & dark. These terms can be confusing for you, if you don’t do enough groundwork about them. Knowing about the characteristics about these types of wood will help you in deciding the best one for your home. Unfinished wood is the best choice when you are setting up your own floating shelf. Light or dark wood can be chosen based on your wall colour and other home interior décor accessories. You can also check out our buyer’s guide for reclaimed wood floating shelves for more ideas. Additionally, some brief descriptions about other types of wood are as follows:

Oak wood

Oak wood contains natural oils which make the shelves strong, durable and very stable. Oak wood is quite flexible for use, which means it can be carved to make various shapes and patterns easily when compared to other types of wood.


This is the best choice of wood if you are looking for an affordable solution. Also, it can be used for blending with other materials easily and thus pinewood floating shelves go well with all kinds of room designs.

Walnut wood

If you want your shelves to have beautiful and intricate carvings on them, you can use walnut wood. Though the price of this wood is quite expensive, it is worth every dime, because it comes with a peculiar dark-cum-light colour, which makes walnut floating shelves very unique.

Cherry Wood

This type of wood is mostly chosen for its colour- reddish brown. Shelves made from cherry wood are quite royal-looking and elegance personified. It is indeed quite expensive; however it’s flexible character more than makes up for its price.

Maple Wood

How about an affordable, durable and stylish set of shelves for your home? Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Try maple wood to get these shelves in real. Maple wood is quite hard and works well for years together. It is creamy in colour and at times has a reddish shade as well.

Reviews of some top-selling wood floating shelves

  1. Burnes of Boston LL2931 Level Line Walnut 3 Piece Ledge Set

This pack of wooden shelves contains 3 pieces measuring 12”, 18” and 24”. All of these can be easily installed on your walls with just a hammer. The set comes with a user manual, which is easy to comprehend. Installing this on your walls takes just about 2 minutes. Incredible, isn’t it? Made out of high-quality walnut wood, this is one of the classic floating shelves in the market today. This product has received a 4.1 rating on Amazon.

With all mounting materials being available handy with this set, users don’t have to worry about the installation process at all. You can mount these three in corresponding order of their lengths and use them to flaunt your pictures and other showpiece items to guests. All fixtures and brackets are nicely tucked inside and only the shelves stand out majestically from your walls.

  1. Welland Chicago Floating Shelf, 24- Inch, Espresso

This is an elegant and classic piece of wood floating shelf from Welland. Made from medium density fibreboard wood (MDF), this piece is perfect for placing in the corners of your room for books, flower vases etc. With its smooth and espresso finish, this shelf along with its honeycomb board structure is quite durable and has the capacity to hold up to 30lbs of weight. This shelf has received a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

You can install this shelf to your walls within 15 minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised to note how well it gets sealed compactly. The best part about this model is that it comes in various colours. You can choose the colour that goes well with your other interiors, so that your room undergoes a magical transformation.

  1. Greenco Set of 3 Floating Cube Shelves, Espresso Finish

This set of 3 floating cube shelves are prefect for any kind of setup. They are simple, yet elegant and highly cost effective. The small shelf in this set is of 5×5 inches, medium one is of 7×7 inches and the large shelf is of 9×9 inches. This set comes with all the mounting hardware that is required to install it on the walls. Thanks to its surprisingly low price given the quality, it has received a 4.6 rating on Amazon.

The major highlight of these shelves is that they go well with any kind of interior décor and are therefore, very flexible to use. Cube shelves instantly improve the visual appeal of the place where they are installed and this set is no exception to this rule.

  1. EWEI’S Homewares 3 Floating U Shelves, Walnut Finish

These U Shaped shelves are one of the highly sought after models by users who want a classy-looking yet affordably-priced floating shelf for their homes or offices. The small shelf measures 9x4x3, medium shelf measures 13x4x3.5 and the large shelf measures 17x4x4 inches respectively. The three shelves come as a package, making it a very stylish addition to any living room. Due to its look and features, this shelf set has received a 4.4 star rating on Amazon.

These shelves are made from MDF and laminate; however, the walnut food finishing is what makes this shelf look royal. This shelf ensures that users get full value for their money as it can be used at various places for various purposes. The walnut finishing of these shelves give them a dark shade, which can be a wonderful contrast to your light-coloured walls.

  1. Shelving Solution Large “L” Shaped Floating Shelf (21 ¾ inch, Black)

This is one of the most compact models of wooden floating shelves available in the market today. This L-Shaped shelf can be easily installed on your walls and can be used to store pictures, decorative items and other pieces. With an excellent black finish as well, this shelf plays an important role in improving the aura and elegance of rooms with light-coloured walls. This shelf has been given 4.2 stars by users.

This shelf comes with all hardware that is required for mounting it on the walls. You can use as many as these L-shaped floating shelves on your walls to make your room look absolutely sunning. These are classic style of shelves that go well with all kinds of setups – residential & commercial.

  1. Set of 3 Floating U Shelves in Walnut Finish

Floating shelves with walnut finish look great with any kind of interior décor. This set contains 3 U-shaped shelves made from MDF and laminate with a walnut finish and can be mounted easily on the walls of your room. The small shelf is of 9x4x3, medium shelf is of 13x4x3.5 and the large shelf is of 17x4x4 inches respectively. Customers have rated this product 4.1 stars.

With both its ends nicely covered in a U-shape, these shelves are apt for keeping books, small antique items, CDs and more. It takes very little time to install this set and mount it on your walls. The highlight of this shelf lies in its contemporary walnut finish, making it suitable for all kinds of living spaces.

  1. Denver Modern Floating Wall Ledge Shelf for Pictures & Frames 22 Inches Long, Black

Made from MDF and Laminate, this floating shelf in the ledge design has been specifically designed for people to flaunt their collectibles, pictures, awards, books, CDS etc. to guests who come visiting. This is a classic piece which can be installed without any hassles. Its black finish makes it suitable for all kinds of décor. Users have given 4.5 stars for this shelf, which explains its quality.

If you want to store your books, CDs, toys , awards and all other precious items on your shelves but still not want to occupy too much of space, these modern ledge-shaped shelves are the perfect choices for you. You can install them the way you want to – sideways, upside down and normal. They work fine in all these ways.

  1. Intersecting Boxes Espresso Colour Wall Shelf

Say goodbye to those individual shelves that occupied your walls, by welcoming these intersecting shelves to your home. With a unique and contemporary design, this set comes with 3 cube-shaped shelves. It comes with a dark espresso finish as well, which makes it suitable for all kinds of décor. This is probably why users have given 4.5 stars for this shelf.

The best part about this design is that apart from storing collectibles, pictures and other antique items inside the cubes, you can also make use of the top portion of the cubes for displaying or flaunting your collections. Though the price of this model is quite steep, you get extra storage space for your items, without compromising on the décor and visual appeal of your room.

  1. Halter Wall Shelves – Set of 3 U Shaped Floating Shelves

This set comes with 3 U-shaped shelves that can be used for a variety of purposes. Made from MDF and laminate, this set is one of the top-selling models in this category, because it is easy to install, easy to mount and reasonably priced. This shelf does a wonderful job in improving the interior décor of your home/office to a great extent. This shelf enjoys a 4.5 star rating from its users.

These floating shelves can be used as decorative, display, hanging and ledge models, giving users full value for their money invested in this. You can hang it any order that you want. When you hang it as U-shaped, you can use it to display your books and CDs. When you hang it the other way, you can use it to display your pictures and collectibles.

  1. Adeco (WS0086) Decorative Home Décor Black Wood Floating Wall Shelves – Set of 4

This is a set of 4 floating wall shelves that are made of high-quality, solid wood. This model is known for its durability and sturdy nature. It comes in the highly famous floating style and can be used for hanging in any living space. These shelves are the best examples of utilizing space optimally. This set enjoys a 4.3 star rating from its users.

The extra small shelf is of 6x4x1.5, small shelf is of 12x4x1.5, medium shelf is of 20x4x1.5 and the large shelf is of 23.7x4x1.5 inches respectively. You can hang these shelves beautifully according to their heights and use them to store pictures, collectibles, antique items, flowers, etc. These prove to be great gifts as well for special occasions.